012 | 80's Music Videos

This week, we explore creepy or crappy 80's music videos, the lack of a plan for Brexit, and why most Non-Profit organizations are a giant scam. Don't miss this one!


Falco’s “Der Kommisar”: Maybe when it first came out, this video was cool. But time has not been kind to Falco. Apparently 4 minutes of running in front of a blue screen doesn’t age well. Who knew?[1]

Lionel Richie’s Creepy “Hello” Video: Speaking of videos that don’t age well, Lionel Richie would probably be called “problematic” for his stalking teacher obsessed with a blind student train wreck video. A must watch.[2]

Generational Theory: There is a complex theory that tries to predict the attitudes of entire generation based on when they are born, compared to the previous generations attitudes and beliefs.[3] The population bubble and the growing impotence of the young generation is part of the reason most young people have no political aspirations.[4] 

The Non Profit Racket: The Red Cross looses 500 million dollars on pure waste.[5] We also discuss how the West’s desire to try and help people actually destroy small economies and turn these countries into slave havens and hellholes.[6]

The Love of Paris: Paris continues to make the top list of cities in the world.[7] Mr. B contends that no one wants to be like New York, but I think the rest of the world would kindly disagree. 

The Brexit “Plan”: When the UK voted on whether or not to stay in the European Union, they seemed to have little understanding of the consequences of their actions. Recently leaked documents seem to back up this early claim [8]

The Consent of the Governed: While most people think they live in a democracy, they are actually in Republics (or Constitutional Monarchies), and that voting is more a matter of the “Consent of the Governed” than it is “giving” power to politicians. [9]

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