015 | Star Trek vs Star Wars

This week, we discuss fan film Axanar being sued by Paramount and CBS. We also discuss why Star Wars in science fantasy, not science fiction. Stay Tuned!


Paramount Sues Star Trek Fan Film: After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign for over 1 million dollars, the creators of Star trek “Axanar” are being sued by Paramount and CBS.[1] Trying to control one’s content however can be tricky: Paramount will need to prove that every part of their Universe is currently being exploited and profits are in danger as a result of the film [2]

Star Wars Kills Extended Universe: In order to regain control over their content, Disney has decided to kill all the continued history that came from novels, comics and other stories. [3]

Star Trek Box Office Numbers: As you can see, the last movie before the reboot (Nemesis) was a Box office disaster, making on 43 million dollars despite costing 60 million to make. Compare that to the 230+ million of the reboot, and by those measure it is a large success, and shows that Star Trek fans are not needed to make money with the franchise.[4]

Star Trek Fan Films List: Here are some of the best Star Trek fan content:

  1. Star Trek Continues (10/10) The best of the bunch. Made by a passionate group of actors, that captures the look and feel of the show almost perfectly. The main actor who plays Kirk is bang on in every way, and his charisma def carries the show. One of the best fan made shows ever.[5] 
  2. Star Trek Renegade Movie (9/10) The actors here are almost all top notch, and the cinematography (while a little close) is good. The script is a little violent for me, but otherwise it’s a treat for star trek fans. I may have been unduly hard in my original review.[6] 
  3. Star Trek New Voyages (6/10) While the sets, costumes and cinematography are all there, it’s the wooden acting that make it almost impossible to watch. That, and the terrible audio work.[7]
  4. Star Trek Hidden Frontiers (4/10) The special effects are pretty awful. It’s green-screen city here. The writing is actually not too bad (it has that sci-fi vibe), but the bad effects are too horrible. It’s better to listen than to watch this one. Oh, and they actually stole the main theme from Galaxy Quest. Hilarious. [8] 
  5. Star Trek Exeter (8.5/10) Only seconded by the production value of Continues, Exeter is brilliantly filmed, and well written. My only complaint is with the Captain, who always looks like he’s surprised to be there. Some of the supporting actors are amazing however, and really pull a believable performance.[9] 
  6. Star Trek Odyssey (6/10) One wonders what these ambitious people could have done with a budget and actual practical sets. Still, when none of those are involved, it makes it real hard to watch. Hope they keep at it though. [10]
  7. Star Trek Phoenix (7/10) The writing isn’t too shabby, but some of the lines of dialog are delivered...the main guy sounds like he’s got a huge piece of gum stuck in his mouth. Still, special effects are cool, and the music works well, as does the audio.[10]

Star Wars Fan Movie Awards: After years of successfully exploiting their fans, Star Wars was smart enough to actually reward their fans rather then sue them. [12]

Star Wars is Science Fantasy, not Science Fiction: Most people think that Star Wars is science fiction, but it is in fact science fantasy [13]

Dumping Milk: Because American and Canadian milk producers make too much and want to control the prices, they dump the milk in the waterways or in the dirt. [14]

Star Trek vs Star Wars Poll: A link to the site to vote on which series in better. So far, Star Trek is getting pounded in the ass.[15]

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