031 | Jakestradamus

This episode, we try and make some future predictions since we've done it so well before, so if you want to know the future, you know what to do!

Bible Stories is out on Amazon: Why don’t you hurry up and buy it, and also review it! [1]

Liliaceae - The Speculative Bubble: If you’re not familiar with economics of the 17th century (I mean, why the hell would you be?), you might recall that there was a bit of “Tulip mania” which caused the Dutch to have a gigantic economic boom followed by a disasterous crash. It’s the first example we have of a runaway Speculative bubble, and certainly not the last example! [2]

Who Goes to the Theatre? So it seems as though the majority of people forced to go to the theatre are men typically being dragged to a musical. Roughly 70% of the audience has boobs, so as you can imagine, it means that like my rough estimate, at least 30% went because it might mean getting laid....[3]

Shakespeare isn’t that Fancy: So it turns out all those fancy lads trying to make Shakespeare sound like a snooty prick were totally wrong about his work. When comparing the language to today, you get the distinct impression that everything people said in these plays was slang. Basically, if he was alive today, Shakespeare would have probably incorporated the word “Yolo” in his plays.[4]

Trump’s Russian Investigation Heats Up: Just a few days after recording the podcasts, new reports concerning details of Russia’s cyber attack on the NSA. The issue of “collusion” started to show up a lot, and considering that the first leak in information always begins with the human user, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some real moles deep inside the intelligence org. Did you guys forget the episode we did on spying? [5] 

Why Impeachment is Almost Impossible: I know that some of you think that impeachment is the answer to getting rid of a potential dangerous man in office, but the truth is that your own Constitution never anticipated this, and even later amendments have kept this way too vague.[6]

What Powers Were Expanded: So I was a little vague on the details here, but luckily, my sources did not steer me wrong on this one. Obama did indeed increase executive powers, and more specifically, survalience, detention, and arbitrary kill orders. Nothing scary about that. [7]

JFK’s Assassination and it’s Constitutional Crisis: I’m not sure Americans have realized just how unsure they are of exactly what a president does, and what to do when there’s a problem. It seems they are always rushing to fix issues that were not anticipated: case and point, the assassination of Kennedy. Since no one was sure exactly how the power transfer should happen, and Johnson was not a super healthy guy. [8]

An Amendment to Cancel Another: I always loved this one. Since you can’t really get rid of an amendment easily (well, it had never been done before), the 18th Amendment that prohibited the sale of alcohol was starting to become a bit of a national embarassment. With the depression hitting hard, and the need for new taxable revenue, the failed Prohibition debacle came to an end with the 21st Amendment. [9]

Puerto Rico and it’s Sweatshops: Being a “colony” sucks, and beyond the fact that they need to pay 40% more for all their products because of an obscure law, they are also not protected despite US labor law supposedly applying. But when the island’s closest neighbor is Dominican Republic, the fact that it’s far away means very few prying eyes. [10]

Mass Emigration from Puerto Rico a Strong Likelihood: I found this interesting report that seems to back up my prediction; it’s when their economy first took a hit due to a shift in sugar production and demand.[11] Now, they don’t even have much of anything left. 

CORRECTION / American Samoa lack full citizenship, not Puerto Rico: Although the stories of soldiers spending years fighting America’s wars has failed to provide the path to citizenship for countless Samoans.[12] There was also a Supreme court case where they tried to argue for automatic citizenship, but they failed the chromatic skin test, it would seem. [13] 

India has some Problems: Now I know I have fans in India, and these people are no dummies. They know the problems exist. When you get the same corruption score as Brazil, you know shit is wrong. Only problem is that we never really hear about the corruption scandals, and that’s the real scandal! [14]


1. Trump will create more divisiveness (TRUE)
2. Trump failure with Puerto Rico will result in mass emigration (TBD)
3. Next Election cycle will vote for more Far Right candidates (TBD)
4. Trump will (maybe) create a new dialog for Democracy

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