032 | Artificial Intelligence

This week, we talk about the terrifying new advances in machine learning. Will they help humanity reach new heights, or will they BBQ us the first chance they get? Tune in to find out! 

Topic: Artificial Intelligence

The Joy of Karaokee: We’re not the only ones who love belting out songs in front of drunk people. The industry itself is worth an incredible 10 billion a year! [1] It’s just a shame that whenever we find a good place, all the ladies eventually leave!

The Slow Birth of A.I.: While there are those that maintain that AI has already been invented [2], I think it’s fair to say that we have created systems that are capable of learning very specific things. 

Deep Mind Beat Go Players: Alhpago is one of the programs that’s been surprising professional Go players with their unusual strrategies. [3] 

Microsoft Bot gets Racist: What’s really scary about this story is how long it took for the bot to become racist on twitter. Just a few minutes.[4] you gotta remember that time doesn’t have the same impact on them that it has on us. 

How Your Brain Syncs Sound and Visuals: If you’ve ever wondered how it is that you can hear and see your friends lips move at the same time (which I’m sure you haven’t), then you might be surprised to learn that it’s something your brain has to do itself. [5]

OpenAI destroys DOTA 2 Players: The slow takeover of the machines is happening before your eyes, and they are already better at your beloved hobbies too. This time, it’s Defence of the Ancients 2. [6]

Putin’s Wealth: You think Jeff Bezos having 100 billion is impressive? Well, you aren’t a kleptocrat that’s been stealing the billions of your rivals, are you? Putin is sitting somewhere around 200 billion, although a lot of that money is being held due to sanctions. Makes you wonder why he would try to get a puppet in the white house to remove them, no?[7]

Robo-Talk Shut Down: You see how scared we are of what we’re making already? We try and give these bots the simple task of trying to prevent another bot from listening to their communication, and next thing you know, they are talking in a language we can’t comprehend. Not cool, robot! [8]

Jobs in the Future: Mr. B and others are convinced that there will still be room in the world for workers [9], but I think that once we really unleash their true potential, we’ll feel like incompetant infants next to them. 

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