005 | Comic Book Movies

This week, we discuss the glut of superhero movies, and everyone gets to see just how ignorant of pop culture Mr. B is! Oh, and who could forget talking about contemporary slavery! Missing this one is not an option. 


The Terminator Series: Unlike the poor Mr. B, I have watched all of the terminator series, much to my chagrin. Hollywood’s constant need to revisit the familiar how now left us with more Terminator movies than we know what to do with [1]. Will we film a reaction video of Mr. B watching Terminator? Well, only if you ask for it!

People are Confused by Inception Film: I can’t possibly imagine why anyone has trouble following this film. I guess that’s the pert of me speaking that wants to believe in human intelligence. Evidence disagrees with me. If you’re confused, try this site: [2]

Comic Book Heroes: When I was a kid, I had the entire Marvel Encyclopedia memorized. Obviously, this meant that I was not getting laid at all. It also means I can spot the errors in the online version... [3]

Captain Ultra: Although you’ve never heard of this hero, this buffoon would make one of the funniest superhero movie, since he faints at the slightest hint of a flame. [4]

Batman vs Superman Movie: The movie is almost at a billion in terms of profit, and it’s still considered a flop.[5] I predict that in 2 more years, the first major comic movie flop will send a shockwave through the film industry. 

Cloverfield Movie: Mr. B claims one of the last movies he went to go see in theatres was Cloverfield. This movie came out in theatres in 2008[6].The movie District 9 came out one whole year later. That’s just sad. 

Loving Vincent: Imagine an animated movie done entirely with paintings? Well, you don’t have to imagine. It exists, and it’s all in the style of Van Gogh. I haven’t watched it yet, but I plan on it [7] 

Marvel’s Characters: My original figure of 20k is a little off the mark. The best estimate I could find was about 7000 total characters that Marvel has created (if you could subvillains, supporting characters, etc). That was as of 2010, however, so the number may be higher. Still, that’s an incredible number.[8]

Story of Gilgamesh: The world’s first “superhero”, the story of Gilgamesh is over 5000 year old story. He went around fighting monsters with his best friend Enkidu (a Tarzan like character) and even seeks the key to immortality.[9]

History Channel Sucks: In a bid for ratings, and  because its audience that used to watch WW2 documentaries are almost all dead, the channel began to experiment with “alternative facts” long ago. These include shows like “UFO Hunters” which speaks for itself, “Ancient Aliens” which has about as many historical facts as the Star Wars movie, and finally “Monster Quest”, a sort of "cryptozoology" show that aims to find animals that don’t exist. All in all, the channel is a dumpster fire. [10]

Egyptian Pyramids: While most people belief that the pyramids were built by slaves, recent archaeological evidence seems to contradict this idea [11].

Dubai Slaves: The city may look very modern, but beneath that glitzy veneer lies a huge slave industry. Everything from construction workers to maids, and all of them are severely mistreated. [12] It’s also estimated that the building of the World Cup stadiums in nearby Qatar will cost the lives of over 4000 migrant workers.[13]

North Korea loves Donald Trump: We recorded this during the presidential campaign, but already it was becoming clear just how dangerous Trumps candidacy was, especially when you get praise from a spoiled dictator-child.[14]

The Fake City in North Korea: In order to try and fool their neighbors to the south. North Korea built a “fake” town near the border called Peace Village. It was build in the 50’s as a way of trying to lure people over to their side. And while they claim it’s populated and a successful town, it is in fact completely empty.[15]

Donald Trumps blatant racism: Back in July, Trump went full racist and claimed that a Mexican judge could not be objective because of his own admittedly racist policy.[16] His businesses have no doubt been affected as a result. Bookings in his hotels are down 50%.[17] 

Trumps Business Conflicts: Even back in July, we were trying to figure out how Trump would be able to separate himself from his business interests. Little did we know that he would simply be allowed by the american public to keep doing business as is.[18]

Election Predictions: I don’t want to say that I was psychic, but not only did I predict that Bernie Sanders supporters would not go for Clinton, but also predicted that something would happen right before the election (specifically the email scandal).

Operation Eagle Claw: Jimmy Carter’s presidency would never recover from the disastrous attempt to rescue the Iranian hostages.[19

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