021 | Franco Prussian War

This episode we focus on the conflicts that lead up to the First World War; the Crimean War and the Franco-Prussian War. It's an explosive episode you can't miss.  

The Design of Crap: Ever wonder why some products look like crap? There are good reasons for it. Sometimes, you don’t want to look too good. 

Alcohol Percentage (Retraction): So 100 proof alcohol is actually only 50%. That’s the way the system works. So for alcohol to be 90%, you need 180 proof. Not something you can easily find, btw. 

The Franco-Prussian War: What happens when a war lasts less than a year? Well, it has some serious implications for the future. How can anyone discuss WW1, let alone it’s sequal, without really talking about this conflict. [1]

Crimean War: Can you imagine the idea of former enemies becoming allies to stop Russia? Well, this kind of thing seems to happen a lot. And this has caused some pretty bad blood between Europe and Russia that’s never really been resolved. If you’re nedry, you might like this talk. [2] 

The “Stability” of Turkey: As we were recording this, Turkey was going through some tough times, including the government shutting down a number of public institution in order to purge them, while the military was announcing a takeover. Yep, just the kind of ally you want in a war! [3]

The Seige of Paris: The Paris Commune was actually a consequence of Paris being seiged by the Germans, who had out-mobalized their enemies and reached the capital before real resistance could be met. While there was a secret armictice being signed, the french National Guard (basically a group of thugs) were preparing to suppress the rebellion of their own people to the conditions of the peace treaty. This was to influence Karl Marx and lead to a similar and far more successful revolt after a civil war in Russia many decades later.[4][5]

The Powerhouse that was Otto Von Bismark: Shaping the world tends to cause a lot of problems in the long run, but you can’t deny the fascinating power of Bismarck is not be to ignored. I strongly suggest you watch this great talk about the man [6] 

The King that Never Was - Prince Leopold: The “He” I was referring to was Prince Leopold. He was offered the crown by Spain’s government, but France was pretty scared about being surrounded by its enemies. So a conflict seemed inevitable. Poor guy was basically a pawn of history. And you people think prices are cool...[7] 

The Secret Weapon “La Mitrailleuse”: Before the machine gun, there was the super secret weapone of the French: the mitrailleuse. Check out this cool article all about it’s history and even a video with a replica.[8]

Napoleon’s Family as Nobels: it’s not just modern presidents who do a lot of appointments. It’s also wannabe Emporers! And in this case, Napoleon had to refill about 2,000 possitions. So needsless to say, his immediate family got the premium posts! [9]

Note on Brief Ending: The Show was originally much longer, but the subject matter we discussed did not age well, and seems petulant in the long run. It was omitted for the podcast version. 

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