022 | The Hikikomori

This episode we discuss yellow journalism, the coming solar burst,and why Japanese people aren't having sex anymore. Go ahead and listen to this one right now!


Old Milwaukee Dry: It’s pretty tame and flavorless, but if your goal is to get tipsy for cheap, it does get the job done. The general consensus of this beer is not good [1]

Spanish American War and Willliam Hurst: Can you believe that the term “yellow journalism” actually stems from a fight over a very talented artist being battled over with by a newspaperman. This was because before the advent of photography, art was often the best way to convey ideas, and it helped to have the best one. [2]

Teddy Roosevelt's War: So a man who’s motto was “Get Action” loved the idea of war, and after he recruited a bunch of cowboys (not a euphemism), they entered the Spanish American War looking for glory. [3]

The Lack of Foreign Correspondents: It’s not just America that has a problem actually sending out people to report on world events. It’s something that’s been happening slowly but surely, ensuring that our global perspective is highly selective and controlled. [4]

The Coming Solar Burst: There’s a conservative estimate that the coming solar flare will cost between 600 and 2.3 trillion dollars. I think they might have forgotten that the real cost of having almost every piece of technology breaking simultaneously would be a bit more costly... [5]

Watch The Big Short: It’s a really great movie. Go watch it. Twice.[6] 

Publishing Industry at War over Scientific Papers: Apparently, things have gotten so bad with science publications locking their content behind a pay wall that some scientists have turned to piracy in order to continue the spread of knowledge. Man, what is this world coming to? [7][8]

Being Smart Doesn’t Make You Happy: If you’re dumb, you might be benefiting from that coveted “ignorance is bliss” effect that seems to be real. Hey, if it’s any comfort, the smarter you are, the more likely you are to use puns. [9] 

The Profitability of the Gender Wars: We exploit human beings with sex, even when they are trying to talk people out of it. It’s not just money that is being made with this increase in sexual frustration. Potential terrorists are also being recruited using frustrations over sex as the primary tool. [10]

The Hikikomori and the MGTOW: What we commonly refer to as “shut-ins” is a phenomenon that’s on the rise in Japan. They estimate almost 2 million of their citizens refuse to leave their rooms, or are on the verge of becoming hikikomori. [11]

Overpopulation is Not The Problem of the Future: Can you believe that our biggest challenge is stability, not overpopulation. We thought we’d have 12 billion alive by now, but the birth rates around the world have been declining so fast, we’re soon going to go the other way in terms of population size. Even this report, which states that the population will stabilize at 10 billion, probably severely underestimates the rising mortality rate with the effects of climate change damaging food supplies and economic growth [12]  

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