009 | Noah's Ark


Grand Theft Auto Series: Most people forget its humble, 2D origins, but when Rockstar first got it’s start, it was just trying to make a simple yet hyper violent game. Would they be as successful if they weren’t so eager to satirize society? I doubt it. [1]

Comics Try to become Politically Correct: It would seem that the comic industry hates its own fans. They seem to think they are above the fat, lonely neck-beards that buy their shit. Well, when you turn Thor and Iron Man into women, there might be a bit of backlash.[2][3] Call me crazy, but it could be the heavy handed writing. That’s turning off their male readers [4]

The Less than Invincible Iron-Girl: The tragically named “Riri” is now called “Ironheart” to avoid the confusion of calling a 15 year old girl “Iron-Man”. The books are selling well with tweens, but it’s not enough to save the industry, which is propped up by 40 year olds. [5]

George Takei Doesn’t Think Sulu needs to be Gay: Does being a gay actor mean that the characters you play have to share your sexual identity? George certainly doesn’t think so, but that doesn’t stop people from not even listening to his point. [6]

Patent Pending: If the show gets a bit weird, it was because we were trying to record a funny little bit, but we weren’t actually sure how to piece it together. Hopefully it makes some sense to you.

Olympians get paid dirt: If we actually gave a shit about these guys, we wouldn’t let them basically starve to death just to entertain us. There’s money being generated; it’s just not going to the people who actually make it. [7]

Ark Encounter Opens Despite Flooding: I thought this headline was a joke, but apparently not.[8] Ken Ham and his Answers in Genesis ministries build a “replica” of the famous boat that religious rubes think carried all the species on the earth. This isn’t the only other Noah Ark monstrosity either.[9] 

That’s a Lot of Beetles: I’m not kidding when I said there are over 80k species of beetle. You want a challenge? Try learning all their names! Should only take a decade or two.[10]

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