013 | Daylight Saving Time

This week we talk about the FBI is nuts, why Daylight Savings sucks, and the treasures of the Vatican.


Apple vs FBI: The speed of news is so rapid, most of us have probably forgotten all about this story, despite the terrifying consequences. Turns out that rather than get Apple to build a backdoor, the NSA found a third option, which is terrifying when you think about it. [1]

The NSA doesn’t Hire Pot Smokers (Retraction): It turns out that it’s the FBI that has this policy, not the NSA.[2] However, I did manage to find some proof that the NSA has a section that asks if the applicant has done drugs, so it could still be true. [3]

Lotka’s Law: This law actually applies to the number of articles that will be written by publications over a given period of time, but it can also apply to professional sports and other high performance jobs. Also, apparently the amount of sports articles you publish might also determine how good your country is in it. [4]

Mr. Robot: I still haven’t seen the show, but I hear good things. It’s only got a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Geeze, I guess it could still use some improvements! [5]

The San Bernardino Shooting: It’s hard to keep track of all the mass shootings in America, I know. This one was the “killer couple” who attacked a Christmas party. For a while, they were the largest mass shooting, but they only managed to keep that record for less than a year. [6]

Your Phone is NOT Your Friend: I know they are convenient, practical and more importantly, fun, but it’s time we re-examined our relationship with these devices. How much are you willing to sacrifice just for the sake of being reachable?[7]  

Common Law vs Civil Law: If you’re actually interested in learning more about the differences so you can decide for yourself which is the better legal option, this article is a good place to start. [8]

Daylight Savings is Terrible: There are a lot of papers that talk about the health problems,[9] car crashes[10], and circadian rhythm issue.[11] There’s the fact that it doesn’t even fucking work.[12]

The Effect of Group Polarization: The current divide is something I have been predicting for a long time. I did a show about it on my previous podcast, TGA, that covered this topic back in 2012.[13] If you prefer the academic version, might I suggest reading this [14], and if you want to dig even deeper, go here [15]

Predicting Donald Trump’s Victory: I’m not one to gloat, and this would definitely be the worst time to do it, so I won’t. However, had people just used the predictions of generational theory, all of this could have also been easily predicted. The highest the vote ever percentage wise for young people was 47 percent. But everyone has not been showing up much.[16]
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail: Maybe the election in 2016 wouldn’t have gone differently if people would have read this old book. It’s all about a McGovern trying to fight among candidates of fascists, corporate controlled candidates, and the good ole’ boys. [17] The name of the candidate Thompson hated was Edmond Muskie. 

Everything You Know About Napoleon is Wrong: Yep, hard to believe, but apparently you were educated wrong by Hollywood movies and lazy history teachers. Who knew? [18]

The German Peasant Revolt (Retraction): In typical style, I got the dates wrong. The war was in 1524-25, not the 1600’s. [19]

The Nero Decree: I confused Decree with Doctrine, but the story is basically the same. Luckily, his general totally lost confidence in Hitler, and failed to carry it out. Here’s a story of artwork that was saved by real people trying to save European culture from destroying itself. [20]

Mother Teresa the Atheist: I’m sure I’ll get a lot of emails from people who won’t bother to read the notes, but I’m sorry to have to include her in the list of atheists. The woman said it herself people [21]

The Vatican’s Treasures: One really has to wonder what kinds of treasures are in there.It is estimated to have 80 km of shelving. [22] Must be easy to pay for maintenance when you have that sweet Church Tax [23]

God’s Banker: A great read for anyone interested in actually knowing more about what this institution really is (hint, it’s not a fucking bank by any traditional sense, you’ll see)[24]

Banco Ambrosio: The scandal involved the classic “Godfather” like level of conspiracy, people in power being murdered, and corruption at the highest level. The only reason people have never made this movie is that they think history is boring. Idiots.[25]

Banquet of Chestnuts: Check out episode 2 if you don’t know about this (again, the shows are not in chronological order) 

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