014 | The Art of Writing

This episode, we discuss the works of Tomi Ungerer, J.D. Salinger, and Shakespear. That, and why the Academy Awards suck! Get yer butt in gear and listen to this one. 


J.D. Salinger hated his Popularity: I mean, imagine if your book had inspired a bunch of psychos? I’d want to hide in my own shack and only release everything after I have already died. [1] I also recommend watching the documentary “Salinger” [2] Did you want to read his new stories? I feel like the marketing department dropped the ball on this one. I had to look hard to find this link [3]

The Wild World of Tomi Ungerer: I never actually read his stories as a child, but I know I would have love the artwork. It’s so weird and dark, but in a childish way. Perfect for a man that blended the two together. [4]

Torture for Fun: Yeah, it hard to accept, but for a long time, thins kind of thing was considered entertainment. Do you see what happens when people get bored? [5]

The Sherlock BBC Series: The latest series suffered from exactly the problem I mentioned: fan service. This is the kind of thing that kills movies.

Why the Academy Sucks: Watching this hot garbage only makes the world worse. What do you do about the fact that it makes the world a crappier place [6]

Shakespeare Invented the Knock-Knock Joke: He wasn’t as big a square as most people think. Maybe it’s because he was English that the majority of people don’t know that there were a lot of sides the the bard. [7]

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