018 | Nuclear Boy Scout

This week, we discuss the Nuclear Boy Scout, the story of a confused teen who build a nuclear reactor in his back yard. It's so crazy I dare you not to listen!


Japanese Drinking Habits: The Japanese are actually way crazier drinkers than you ever imagined. Your future job prospects often depend on how you can handle your drink. Makes me glad this shit hasn’t caught on over here, but we’re not as over worked as the poor Japanese. [1]

The History of Human Rituals: Perhaps we wouldn’t have so many social problems if we were able to make more rituals that would allow people to find their place in society. [2]

China’s Bureaucratic Religion: The Chinese were so masterful in their bureaucracy is that they made a real religion out of it! [3]

The Nuclear Boy Scout: What happens when you combine moderate intelligence with endless devotion? How about the EPA having to declare your little experiment a hazard? To be fair, there was such a careless campaign by the government to get people involved in nuclear energy that they made information a little incomplete and, frankly, dangerous.[4

The Coral Castle: Speaking of determination, the guy who built this tacky monstrosity certainly possessed a lot of obsession.Of course, over time we have finally cracked the secret to his work [5]

Breeder Reactors: The reason people abandoned this type of reactor is because they are so goddamn dangerous. [6

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Retraction): I said NRA, but it didn’t quite seem right when I said it. Now I know better. 

Molten Salt Reactors: Imagine having a nuclear reactor in your backyard. Yeah, it sounds kind of crazy, but you know, so do airplanes to a Victorian time traveler! [7]

Yellowstone Hotpot: The young man who fell into the spring of acid unfortunately had no remains to bury. Don’t mess with that shit, folks.[8] People have died at Yellowstone in the past, and the details aren’t exactly pretty. [9]

Kid Dies jumping off Bridge Amsterdam: I hate when they nerf the world just because a few luckless idiots fall off a bridge. It they banned things that made you stupid, alcohol would be illegal. [10]

How Graffiti is like News in Palestine: When you lack the communication means people do in an occupied zone, they often invent new kinds. [11]

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