020 | Cold Welding

This episode, we discuss the strange principle that is cold welding. It's a bit mind blowing when you really think about it, so you can't miss this one. 


Cold Welding In Space: When you don’t live in an atmosphere like earth, things get a little weird. For starters, it means that there aren't hings you can do there that you can’t on earth, the most impressive of which is “Cold Welding”. Scott Manley has a really cool video about that, and guns in space. [1]

Weapons in Space: there’s more than just guns up there too. There’s a long history of people trying shit up there, but honestly, the damage you could do with a crowbar is way too much already [2]

A Sticky Situation: The force that makes things sticky is actually something that happens when particles get really close to each other. All sticky stuff is really doing is closing all the gaps between the otherwise large gaps between particles. Is this how Spiderman would work? [3] 

Zero Point Energy: You hear a lot of those “Perpetual Motion” people talk about this force all the time. First, the amount of energy you could exploit from this is minuscule, so even if you did manage to figure out a way to trick the second law of thermodynamics, you got a problem of scale here. [4]

The Em Drive Explained: So, is it bullshit or not? A few more peer reviews seem to suggest it is, but by doing so, it would definitely challenge our current understanding of physics. So while I still think it will turn out to be a rounding error, it’s pretty exciting stuff.[5]

Black Holes are Crazy: It’s not just that they break all the known laws of physics, they are also constantly creating new matter! And that, over time, will evaporate the Black Hole. Crazy! Are they also responsible for the Asymmetry of matter in the Universe? [6]

Tia Tequila goes Nazi: If you remember this famous idiot, famous for being popular only, decided that her career could use a boost from the white nationalists! [7] Part of it might be because of Asia’s strange fascination with Hitler.[8]

The Youth’s Appeal of Fascism: If you want to understand a little more about the history of fascism (and not just Nazism), I suggest you take a look at this article. [9]

Why Rogue One is Tricking Your Dumb Brain: I’ll probably get a lot of flak from dumb fanboys complaining that I was shitting all over a movie I hadn’t seen, but if you’re smart enough to not give money to an evil corporation that cares less about quality stories and more about shoving stupid merchandise in your face, watch Half in The Bag and correct yourself before you wreck yourself.[10] 

Why Super Weapons Suck: I forgot to mention the biggest problem: the 10’s of thousands of nukes we’ve built to destroy ourselves just waiting for some idiot to pull the trigger (or even a solar flare doing it for us). In case you’re curious about that super canon I was talking about, here is that beast. [11]

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