023 | Robot Monkeys

This episode, we talk about the empathy of monkeys, people killing themselves over the Avatar movie, and the disaster of Identity Politics. Missing this show would be a mistake!

Sappuro Beer Lays Off Employees: The layoffs were actually for Sleemans, and this was mainly due to the fact that their profits had taken such a beating. [1]

Will Robots Replace Human Workers? This is the question no one really wants to answer difinitively, despite the fact that all the trends seem to indicate that by 2035, most of us will be jobless.[2] 

China Loosing Millions of Jobs: What is telling is that many of the recent jobs being lost are in the coal and steel industry. This move is designed to slow down overall production, as their own growth has begun to slow. Still, 1.8 million lost jobs is pretty devestating. [3]

People Killing Themselves over Avatar Movie: This was a real things for a while: people contemplating suicide over the fact that the flawless Navi and their alien world Pandora did not exist.[4] If only every planet had protagonists who were so clearly in the right!

Video of Monkeys Feeling Empathy for “Dead” Monkey: This video is actually a preview for a series being developed by the BBC that examines the secret lives of animals using clever robots.It’s amazing what you see when they think we’re not looking. [5]

The Scurge of Identity Politics: Undoubtably, you’re bound to get a lot of strong opinions about this, since human beings are naturally drawn to want to identify with a group. You know who really loved identity politics? Nazis. Didn’t work out so great. If you really want a nuanced opinion about it, I suggest reading this article.[6]

BuzzFeed Link to PeeGate: As a President, Trump has demonstrated an impressive ability to survive even the most shameful of exposition by simply denying the truth at every turn. So it’s become quite impossible to tell what is true and false, since the very person who witnessed these things may be in denial about them himself. Some claim it will remain with him. I’m not so sure. [7]

The Empty Folders of President-Elect Trump: Remember those empty folders? Snopes claims it’s unproven, but I’m usually of the opinion that unless you actually bother to label your folders, they are functionally useless. [8]

Donald Trump’s Russian Connection: Seems like the story here is still ongoing. Just what will become of all of these Russian connections? Well, I predict that it’s only going to get worse. 

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