027 | Net Neutrality

This episode, Mr. B and I discuss the Net Neutrality and how the Internet is trying to be destroyed as we know it. Think I'm being hyperbolic, listen to the show! 

Medieval Sleep: We didn’t always need to sleep for 7-8 hours in a row. In fact, this is a pretty recent thing, and it might explain our modern sleep issues.[1]
Average Age of Cavemen: So the average caveman didn’t die in his thirties. They still had old people. It was just really likely that you wouldn’t make it past 10 years old, but once you did, the odds of living to old age were much better. So, the lesson here is: don’t trust averages if you don’t know how it’s calculated! The best measure we have are modern hunter gatherer populations today [2]

The Future of the Internet: I read a lot of articles that try and make predictions about the Internet, but I find them all to be overly optimistic about the future. [3] It seems that we always neglect to see the dangers of building an interconnected world when the reality of spying governments, companies, and hackers are a growing threat. What will be the incentive as the risks continue to increase. [4]
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