028 | Comey and VR

This episode, we talk about one of the most watched events of the year: a boring Senate hearing! Yep, it's come to this, people. Just to keep things interesting, we also mention VR. Tune in, please!

Comey Hits Prime-Time: I turns out that Comey’s Senate testimony was about as big as an episode of The Walking Dead, roughly 9 million or so. What a barnburner! [1]
Comey Didn’t Want to be Left Alone: I can’t really blame the guy; Trump sounds like the kind of guy at a party that no one really wants to be left alone with...[2]
Mueller’s Dream Team: While Trump’s team is busy trying to convince the President not to fire the special council, Mueller is busy creating a “dream team” of lawyers that will most likely decimate Trump’s rank and file. [3]
Kushner is Bad at Business: While buying a newspaper during the decline of print might not be the best idea, it was the fact that Jared refused to listen to advice that ultimately led to some of his staff members leaving rather than have to put up with more incompetance. [4] Did we also mention that he paid the most for a building in New York right at the height of the real estate bubble? Turns out it was so risky, that rent only covered about 67% of the debt. [5]

House Kills Dodd Frank: Republicans use the Comey hearing as a chance to try and kill Dodd Frank legistlation that is meant to protect consumers by not allowing banks to invest money in risky ventures. Well, in Trumplandia, everything is risky, so why not forget about it all together? [6]
The Steele Dossier: Remember Peegate? Apparently it’s not going anywhere, so we might see more traction on this thing. [7]
Foundations of Geopolitics: So Russia has a plan to try and rule the world, and so far, it seems to be going pretty swimmingly. They say that the first step to implementing any strategy is to first get all your ducks in order. Well, judging by this Reddit breakdown, Russia is almost there! [8]
The Re-Birth of White Supremacy: If you’ve ever wondered how White Supremecy got so much support, I strongly recommend you watch the documentary “Ruby Ridge” to understand why their distrust for government really comes from. [9]
VR Scares Old People: I think half the fun of VR is filming your grandparent trying it for the first time and freaking the fuck out. [10]
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