029 | Power of Persuasion

This episode, we return from summer vacation to bring you this thoughtful piece on the power of persuasion. Be sure to consult the notes and listen to the show like your life depended on it!

Persuasion and Mr. Rogers

The Dunder Pit: It turns out that Jamaicans throw all kinds of things in these “pits” that they dig up in the jungle, filling it with everything from molasses to dead mammals. It starts to stink like mad after a while, and the distillers take a chunk of this disgusting mass and eventually make their “mash” with it. The smell aparently goes away, but I can’t imagine drinking this poison![1]

Accidental Courtesy: This episode seems oddly prescient these days. This show was recorded weeks before the events of Charlottesville, but it seems to me that the points made during the podcast make it seems as though we were already aware of these kinds of events. I highly recommend watching the movie [2] 

Superman battled the KKK: A little known history of the caped crusader, during the 40’s he managed to decimate their membership by giving away all their weird little rituals. It turns out that they are making a movie all about that now. How precient! [3]

The growth of White Supremecy: The Klu Klux Klan membership has always fluctuated wildly, and despite having the same goals, most organizations are independant of each other, and have somewhat different goals rather than a unified one. But the election of Obama sure did strengthen their numbers overall. Now with Trump’s inability, or unwillingness to condemn them, they could grow much stronger than the huge 1600 hate groups that are being tracked by the Southern Poverty Center now.[4][5]

Segregation in the North: You probably thought that segregation was an issue that the southern states face, but in actuality, there are many so-called “progressive” cities where segregation is actually worse, like in New York City, for instance. They talk a lot of diversity, but the reality seems to be that communities are still extremely isolated, and this soul searching is going to have to happen before they can even pretend to have dealt with the “race issue”. [6]

The Internet’s Role in Polarization: While it’s true that there is no consensus regarding the role of the Internet when it comes to the growing polarization of populations, but I think it’s fair to say that the evidence is mounting. [7] If you’d like to read a contrary opinion with some sources on the other end, like the objective person that you are, check out this article that makes a somewhat decent point (although I still think there’s a naivete as to where this will all turn out). [8]

Where Political Polarization Comes from: If you’ve never heard of Jonathan Haidt, then I suggest you watch this talk he gave at NYU [9]

Atlantic Article goes off the Rails: I dare anyone to read this article and come out of it any less baffled at the conclusions than me. Read the comment section if you want a real laugh at the people defending this shitty article [10]

Watch this Video Now: I strongly suggest that you also subscribe to this guy’s channel. He’s deeper than the Marianas Trench [11]
David Hume was the Man: His paper “A Tretise on Human Nature” is only six pages long, so I strongly recommend you go see for yourself why this guy was “the man” [12]

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