033 | Dementia

This week, we are back to talk about something that's on everyone's mind: the brain! And what better way to discuss it than with that old Cad, Donald Trump! Miss it and you'll lose it!

Dementia refers to a set of symptoms rather than a specific disease. Although there are some illnesses that contribute a majority of cases of dementia (Alzeimers making 60%), other risk factors like environment or trauma can also cause it.

A Growing Problem: The aging poluation of developmed countries means that a significant portion of the economy will now fail to develop as a result of people being forced to quit work or work part time to take care of a sick parent. The cost is estimated to be 600 billion globally and rising yearly.[1] The prognosis is not all bad though. Aparently there are signs that the cases of dementia are falling, leading some to conclude it may be due to improved living conditions of the Baby Boomers [2]

Symptoms: The symptoms of early dementia are so broad, and often so conflicting, it can be difficult to catch early. For example, here are some behavioral issues that often are at odds with one another: 

Abnormal motor behavior
Elated mood
Disinhibition and impulsivity
Delusions (often believing people are stealing from them) or hallucinations
Changes in sleep or appetite.

Depression, Apathy or elation? Changes in sleep also occur for many other reasons, and old people are often the victims of theft (and of being disbelieved for abuse). So the issue is complicarted. 

Presidential Dementia:
Trump wouldn’t be the first to show serious congative impairments. Regan during his debates with Walter Mondale showed confusion in his closing statements that sounds oddly like Trumps usual interviews. [3]

Wolfe’s Explosive new Book (collected experps)

Trump Surrounds himself with “Office Wives”, and views all men as competitors. (really just a harem at the end of the day, much like L. Ron Hubbard)

Kelly Anne Konway, the Tortured Soul:
During my reading I came across a section of Wolfe’s book that talks about Conwayss life, and he real attitutes. Her On/Off switch, as he describes it, is the result of a woman wanting a career and knowing exactly what to say to get the president to like her. She is smart enough to know how to speak not only like him, but to him. [4]

Ivanka’s Presidential Asperations
During her war with Bannon, it was her idea to bring in Scaramouchi, since she thinks rich New Yorkers are smart and sophisticated. He is, in fact, more akin to a media personality of the “Jersey Shore” kind. She is on Trumps Team because of his inability to say no to his children. The book also eludes that Trump sees Ivanka as more of his Wife, hence her strange presence. 

Hope Hicks a Hostage
Her family seem to think that the girl is in some kind of cult, and Trumps famous insensitivity, combined with her fierce loyalty, is sure to cause some lasting emotional damage (He sent her running from the room when he fired her lover and said she was “the finest piece of ass the guy’s [Lewandowski]  ever had”). The rpesident keeps wanting a nice piece in the New York times, and when she fails to deliver, he calls her the Worst PR person in the World (this is typical cult leader behavior). 

Kushner’s Choice of Staff conflicts with White House
It’s obvious that Kushner’s political stance is more aligned with democrats, which might explain why his first move with his ridiculously titled “Office Of American Innovation” was to hire a democrat as his press guy. This meant that he was essentially leaking information to the press in his ongoing war with Bannon over control of Trump.

Bannon uses Brietbart to Leak his own Info:
In his effort to purge the White Huse, Bannon was using Breitbart in an unofficial capacity to negatively influence the right against Kushner (where all the “cuck” shit comes from)

How we Should Treat Dementia
Individual care seems like a huge waste of reseources, but hospitals are not the answer either. Netherlands offers a unique solution with their “Dementia Villiages”, where old people live in a monitored community where they can live out happier lives. [5]

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