Future Projects

Sketchy is just getting started with podcasts and books. There are plenty of other projects in the pipeline, and once we start to get a little bigger, then we'll be able to devote real time and money to these projects, base primarily on your feedback! So, be sure to tell us which one is your favorite concept! 


The Fontaine Mysteries

Set shortly after the First World War, the story follows a young protagonist by the name of "Fontaine" who has a detective agency. In the first volume, our hero is tasked with finding the lost treasure of the Tsar of Russia!

Return to Eden

Set in the distant future, the Earth has been turned into a new Venus by runaway Global Warming, and while the rest of humanity has scattered itself to the far corners of the Galaxy, an intrepid few continue to try to save it. But can they uncover the dark forces that are trying to stop them?


In a twisted world where cute wild animals are forced to fight one another for the pleasure of humans, one "monster" rebels and leads his people to freedom. But in their quest to determine their own lives, will they become more like their oppressors?